Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Online computer repair service is the best way to get your computer the help it needs right away! No wasting gas taking your computer in to a repair facility and no time waiting for a technician to return your call or come to your home or office. We are available for you on your schedule whether it is morning, afternoon or middle of the night!
Computer Waala is also the best solution when it comes to protecting your private information. When your computer is left in a store you have no idea what is being looked at but with Computer Waala we only see what you see while we repair your computer right before your eyes! Beware of those companies that can black out your screen while ‘repairing’ your computer.
With online PC support from Computer Waala, you can use your computer hassle-free…always!

Features & Benefits

Easy Computer Repairs

Getting your computers repaired now became easy! Contact us and we will be provide repair service online or offline.

Super Convenient

You don’t need to clean your desk or do the dishes for online computer repair. Once you give the technician access to your system you can go on about your day while our technician gets your system back in tip top shape.


Because you don’t have to wait for a technician to get out to your home or office, online service typically gets done faster than traditional service. We have a team of techs “on call” to fix your technical issues.


We can’t ever access your computer without your express permission. You can watch everything the technician is doing on your screen.

Get the gears in motion

Once you’ve determined that you’d like to proceed with a repair we’ll get your secure order, with our fixed or free guarantee of course.

We listen to your issues

Via chat or phone we will get a good understanding of exactly what problems you are having with the computer. We’ll make sure those issues are the types we can normally repair remotely so we don’t waste your time.

Having Queries?

Inquire Now or Live chat with us. We are happy to help